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Fujian CWS demonstration base of R & D and production

Long efforts to promote resource-based enterprise company building, in accordance with recycling economy, actively seeking to develop energy-saving, emission reduction project. End of 2008, Fujian Province, our commitment to building a coal-water slurry and production demonstration base of R & D projects, projects an investment of 300 million, out of the company''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''''s existing six high-energy, high pollutant old boilers, the use of advanced coal-water plasma technology and equipment, the new 2 100t / h coal-water slurry boiler high temperature and pressure, supporting the construction of 2 × 12000kw the back pressure steam turbine generator sets, to achieve steam power plant cascade and efficient configuration.
The project received a special award in 2008 the national energy funds, special funds for the joint development of research Province, Fujian Province, 2008 and included a focus on technological innovation projects, 6 o 18 key projects and energy-saving environmental protection industry in Fujian Province in 2010 to implement the revitalization program of key projects project.
In ensuring good 50 tons / year coal-water slurry and pressure power generation projects at the same time, push forward two million tons / year of coal-water slurry two project preparatory work for cross-strait economic zone in Fujian Province of energy saving construction and and make due contribution to the real model of circular economy and establish a high-tech enterprise of a good image.

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